Reading Glasses with torch/Led light

Sale priceUsh 40,000




You can easily renew the batteries if they turn out.

When you turn the LED on ,it can be a light drops.

This glasses is a perfect solution for reading whenever you need.

When you are reading you don't need to worry about distracting others.

It is a great helper for you daily life, can be used as a normal glasses.

The LED is positioned at the end of the arm,so it focasses the light on the point.

Great to be use in car,in bed,on a airplane,camping or where light are too dark to reading.

There are two kinds of light: white, blue which can be used as money detecting.

Color: As the picture show

Strength: 0°, 100°, 200°, 300°, 400°

Battery: 3 x Button Batteries(includes)

Glasses Width: 125mm

Nose Spacing: 12mm

Lens Height: 39mm

Single Lens Width: 57mm

Glasses Leg Length: 140mm


1 x Glasses

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