Portable Electric Lunch Box

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Going on a picnic, spending the day on the beach, eating at work... places where you are not always able to eat a hot meal.

Just plug it into an electrical socket from now on you will be able to reheat your food.This picnic box is ideal for when you are travelling.

Bring dishes and keep them warm on a walk or during a sporting event, on a building site, at a camp site or at work.All you need is a power socket.

Connect your heated bento box and in 45 to 60 minutes you will be able to enjoy a hot meal.Inside your heated box you will find two compartments which can be easily removed to be filled with a variety of food stuffs.

Create your dish as you want: meat, side dishes, it's the practical nature of a bento box!When the heated packed lunch box is connected to a power source, the food is kept warm or reheated.

Key Features

Heated packed lunch box with power connection and thermal insulation.

Perfect for a trip out, in the office, on a building site, etc.

Large capacity – two food compartments (500 + 700 ml) with a small separate box, easy to remove for meals and cleaning.

Warms food in approximately 60 minutes.

Box with solid shell, top carrying handle, plug and cutlery compartment. 

What’s in the box

Manual is enclosed 


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