Portable Cordless vacuum cleaner

Sale priceUsh 50,000


Product Description

120W 100ml USB Rechargeable 6000Pa Mini Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful vacuuming and thorough cleaning: 120W superpower, 6000pa strong suction, it can easily absorb hair, food residues, particles, and debris less than 0.1 microns hidden in sofas, cushions, etc

Multifunctional accessories, accessories with various brush heads, can clean every corner, gap, floor mat, the luggage compartment of the car seat

Strong suction, clean in a few seconds, can absorb all kinds of debris, pet hair, soot, water stains, etc.

It frees up machines and helps you clean stairs, kitchens, floors, carpets, cars, and hard-to-reach places

It Includes:

1 x Vacuum cleaner

1 x Long nozzle

1 x Brush nozzle

1 x Charging cable

1 x Manual


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