Hardened Alarm anti barglar padlocks

Sale priceUsh 40,000


This lock by Oxford has been independently tested and approved to meet the Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold standard, an achievement that may reduce your insurance costs!

The 14mm thick steel shackle is coated to protect your paintwork but also to help prevent freezing up. It's double locking mechanism also means that if an attacker can withstand the piercing noise of the alarm whilst cutting the shackle, which is saw resistant, sledgehammer resistant and bolt cutter resistant, he or she will have to cut it for a second time as the ends of the shackle are held in place so will not twist when cut.

This is a serious bit of kit that with it's recognisable branding and bright colour, should be a good deterrent to prevent even the most opportunist of thieves of having a go at stealing your bike.

Whilst designed or motorcycles, it will act as a perfectly good padlock for gates / fences etc, just check that the 14mm shackle width (steel plus coating) is not too great to go through the eye of the slide bar.

The padlock is also issued with a two year manufacturers guarantee upon completeion and return of the guarantee registration card enclosed

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